Tour Hidden beautiful Milan


In the historical centre of Milan among Dom, Cordusio square and Sforzesco Castle,we move to discover an other Milan, unknown for majority of people, but very charming.

Streets, little streets, ancient buildings, hidden beautiful places. Milan as not showy town, but which has to be discovered.
Moving from Cordusio square, through Affari square, where there is the Stock and world of business, we discover the “Five Streets”; ancient buildings, beautiful courtyards, antique shops are right in front of us.
Walking through these streets we make an “immersion” in the ancient Milan.
Not far away from here there is the most narrow street in Milan: Bagnera street. It's famous for another and terrible reason: here brutal murders have been committed. In this street the first serial killer in Italy, the milanensis “Jack the ripper” had killed and buried four cut up persons bodies into the basement where he had a warehouse.
His name was Antonio Boggia also called narrow Bagnera monster” and he killed these people between 1849 and 1859.
A little bit farer there is Terraggio street. Here we can admire a secret garden. It's a little hidden paradise,
it's difficult to find it accidentally. It has been closed for 70 years and since 2001 is opened again.