Tour Milan "Noir": its mysteries


We have to turn back 1200 when confraternity of Disciplini was born. They followed a strictly rigorous discipline both liturgical and spiritual and voluntary flagellation.

This confraternity kept Brolo hospital ossuary; here deads' bones were collected and Disciplini confratenity decided to “decorate” ossuary walls with them.
In the ossuary we find now skulls, femurs, shinbones, skeletons remains.
The church Saint Bernardino alle Ossa was built at the end of 1200.
We wish warning you: visiting the church and the ossuary is very frightening!
Now we can move to Corso Porta Romana to visit the “Devil's House”. Many witnesses were sure that Beelzebub was just landlord here.
An other horrifying history is about the “Veiled lady” in Sempione Park. It's 1800 and who has happened to walk in the park on winter evenings told to have met a veiled woman black dressing. She attracted victims to her villa where she took away the veil and….we can only anticipate you that many of them lost their mind.
Then in Milan we have...ghosts! In the night of deads on November 1st, Cecilia Gallerani spirit, who was Ludovico il Moro lover, hangs around in Broletto street; at Pinacoteca Ambrosiana museum in the same night we can meet Lucrezia Borgia and at Sforzesco Castle Ludovico il Moro.
And finally...Dom has its ghost too...