Liberty in Milan


We have many examples of Liberty in Milan walking through Porta Venezia and Porta Vittoria.

Castiglioni Palace, called “Ca' di Ciapp” because of a curious happening, Witches House situated in Cappuccini Street and many others.
A little detour takes us to see the famous and enigmatic “House 770”.

In Porta Vittoria there is Palazzina Liberty, a little building situated in Largo Marinai d'Italia Park where music spectacles and poem meetings are organized.


Neighborhood Rainbow


Near we find the wonderful neighborhood Rainbow, like Burano in Venice and Notting Hill in London, where we can find multicolor little villas. It was designed and built at the end of 1800 for workers.
Now these houses are a luxury because they constitute a little happy oasis situated in the centre of town, each with garden and little beautiful courtyard and painted of many colours: Milan yellow, Venice red, white, lilac, light blue, lavender, creating a bucolic atmosphere very near to Dom.